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Paving requirements are effectively the same for most domestic patios, terraces and garden pathways etc., basically these are all paved areas that are designed for pedestrian use only, for leisure at home. This means that the substructure and structural support necessary need be so substantial as for trafficked areas where vehicular loads are imposed, both static and dynamic. However, if there are to be even occasional vehicle movements across any specific domestic patios, pathways or terraces, then it is sensible to ensure that these are designed to accommodate these loads and increased paving unit thicknesses should be considered - it only takes one excess load to cause damage that is always expensive to repair, and after repairs your attractive paving never looks the same again.

Patio Joint Grouting

Patio joint grouting, also called patio joint pointing and just patio grouting, plus not to gorget patio repointing of course, is always more straight-forward and faster when you use GftK's range of Paving Jointing Mortars from NCC Streetscape, which are specifically designed ease of the application and reduced environmental limitations, as well as the primary objective of long-term performance in service.


There is information on the full GftK range on the Paving Jointing pages, of this website, including a paving joint grouting mortar Selection Guide to confirm which of the advanced vdw mortars is ideal for your patio jointing project. You can also order the material in the Online-Shop.

At NCC Streetscape our entry level for DIY Patio pointing and garden pathway paving jointing is the unique, I-component, Patio Grout with GftK Technology. This is by far the best 1-component, air-drying, paving joint mortar on the market, as it is much easier, and faster to apply, and then produces much higher strengths and better performance in service. This advanced technology type of 1-part paving joint compound is supplied in vacuum sealed bags, packed in a protective pail. The material is ready to use, just open the pail, remove the bag from the pail, cut it open and pour directly onto the pre-wetted patio paving surfaces in small piles. Patio grout has excellent flow characteristics and, is easily wet-slurry applied across the surfaces and into the joints, where it self-compacts without any tooling or further finishing required. Patio Grout dries and hardens by evaporation to form a tough, flexible and permeable compound to fill and seal the joints.

Whilst many 1-part paving joint compounds on the market are very low strengths and have limited performance and resistance to ‘anything’, Patio Grout has far higher strengths, with better cohesion and tensile adhesive bond to the joint arrises, making it far more durable than all of the other 1-part products on the market. However, we will always caution people that 1-component paving joint compound should not be used for driveways and other areas with vehicular traffic, as these joint compounds, even Patio Grout, will not fully resist and stand-up to frequent jet-washing. They will also all have limited resistance to freeze-thaw, action with de-icing salts from roadways.

As a result, we will generally recommend the far more durable, far higher performance 2-component paving jointing mortars from GftK for use in commercial paved areas and for paved areas subjected to vehicular traffic. These high performance, epoxy resin based systems are also the best in class, and primarily designed to be used by professionals as they require special mixing paddles and continuously wet-slurry application sequences. You will not find these materials in the average garden centre or builders merchant for this reason, but we do supply direct to quality stone distributors and paving contractors all around the UK. However, competent DIY'ers can easily use these materials with normal DIY tools including an electric drill with a 10MM chuck, then you can also buy these 'stat-of-the-Art' materials and the equipment (mixing paddles, neoprene rubber squeegee and coconut fibre brush) here in our Online Shop.

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Although the structural and dynamic loadings on domestic patios maybe lower, there can be significant levels of exposure to staining by oils and greases, grass cuttings and leaves that can also leave horrible marks if the paving itself, as well as the jointing, is not suitably protected and sealed against water and oil ingress. For optimum durability of your new patio, it is also important to understand the most effective solutions for patio Paving Cleaning and Paving Sealing.

Patio Paving Cleaners

NCC There is a full range of safe, effective and non-toxic Patio Paving Cleaners available from NCC Streetscape. The range includes heavy duty, general purpose and specific types of patio paving cleaning products for all types of stone and block paving. There are special products for removing dirt and grime oils and grease from vehicles or barbeque spills, green algae and other green growths, as well as the dreaded and very persistent ‘blackspot’ deposits from lichens in the surface capillaries. Plus solutions to remove cement deposits or haze and rust deposits from furniture etc., as well as almost any other staining from your paved patio surfaces.

Please visit our dedicated Paving Cleaners page to help you identify which of the advanced paving cleaning products is ideal for your Patio cleaning project. You can then order it easily from our secure Online-Shop

Patio Paving Sealers

NCC NCC Streetscape also supply a complete range of patio paving sealers that are designed to prevent the future penetration of water and oil-borne dirt and stains into the surfaces of your patio paving, thereby making the removal of spillages and any surface deposits far easier. This range includes special patio paving sealers for natural stone, such as Indian Sandstone, which is beautiful, but very porous and easily stained if not pre-sealed – even before grouting for optimum protection. Plus, concrete block sealers and the latest invisible but protective impregnating hydrophobic (water-repelling), and oleophobic (oil-repelling) sealers for use on all types of paving in your patios, pathways or terraces. All designed to reduce dirt and staining materials penetration of the surface capillaries and thereby reduce staining from spillages and organic debris (leaves and grass cuttings etc.), to retain appearance and increase durability.

Patio sealers are not the same as paving Joint Stabilisers, that should more correctly be called Jointing Sand Stabilisers. If you require your patio sealer to provide a significant contribution to stabilising block paving jointing sand, then you should use a specific Jointing Sand Stabilising product – Please refer to the dedicated Paving Jointing Sand Stabilisers page on this website.

Also, for more detailed information, please visit our dedicated Patio Sealers page and the Paving Sealers Selection Guide to see which of the advanced patio paving cleaning products is ideal for your Patio project. You can then order it easily from this website - here in our secure Online-Shop.

Patios, Terraces and Garden Pathways
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For Patios, Terraces and Garden Pathways, NCC Streetscape supply products to assist you to make the best of every patio and garden paving job, whether this is as a one-off DIY project, or in support of our professional Paving and Landscaping Contractor customers. We also have special solutions and the best products to use when you need to refresh and refurbish existing natural stone patios and other paved patio, terraced and garden pathway areas.

Patios and Garden Paths can be designed and built in all different shapes and sizes today, as do the joints between different paving elements. In bound paving (bedded and jointed), the different types of paving unit can include all types of natural stone setts or slabs and concrete blocks as individual square or oblong setts, plus rounded cobbles, clay brick pavers, as well as many different ceramics, including external porcelain tile paving.

Whatever type of paving you choose, then NCC Streetscape has the ideal joint pointing / grouting mortar grout to help make your job is completed on time and performs with the required durability in service as well as ancillary paving cleaning and sealing products, plus alternative resin bound hard landscaping products and systems to assist and meet your design requirements.

For detailed information on specific Paving Jointing , Paving Cleaners, Paving Sealers or Jointing Sand Stabilisers together with Case Studies or to Buy Online, please follow the relevant links in the text, or the tabs at the top and on the left of this page.

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