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Porcelain Protection Background: Although and as we have mentioned elsewhere on this website, it is often a surprise to many people that their pristine porcelain tile paving will need additional protection against the dense surfaces becoming stained, and/or that the cleaning of these hard and abrasion resistant surfaces is not always easy, to the extent that dirt seems to stick like the proverbial, and you can seem to be chasing a haze of dirt or grease around your expensive porcelain patios! However, not to worry, as there is an easy solution to prevent surface staining and to make cleaning these surfaces a breeze, by using NCC Porcelain Protector.


NCC Porcelain Protector is a water dispersed, protective surface treatment for porcelain tiles that can be used to facilitate grouting with a haze-fee finish during the porcelain tile installation, helping to prevent any grout staining and making the final hand-over cleaning much more of a breeze than hard work, as this is a chore that all contractors will tell you they hate! Secondly, during service to prevent any severe staining and again to facilitate easy cleaning.

Therefore, NCC Porcelain Protector can be / is frequently used both before and/or after installation and grouting of the porcelain paving joints according to the project requirements as follows:

Before the joint grouting – For easy grout residue removal: Treating porcelain tile surfaces with NCC Porcelain Protector before application of the grout / joint mortar, is useful for contractors as this makes their grout removal and final installation cleaning easier, faster, and generally more efficient and effective.

Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet
Paving Cleaning & Protection Guide
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After the joint grouting – For the prevention of staining / ease of surface cleaning: Treating porcelain surfaces with NCC Porcelain Protector after the grout / jointing mortar has cured and hardened is done to help make future cleaning and dirt removal easier, particularly the discoloration caused by the tannins in organic plant materials, as well as any other stains from organic matter.

Characteristics / Advantages
  • Cost effective concentrate
  • Water dispersed
  • Finishes smear-free
  • Prevents staining
  • Reduces dirt build-up
  • Reduces cleaning works (time and effort)
Directions for use (Always Shake the Container Well Before Use)

As with all paving cleaning and surface treatments, we strongly recommend that you always test NCC Porcelain Protector on an inconspicuous area, particularly of the jointing material, prior to its general use.

Surface preparation: Ensure the surfaces to be treated are completely clean, dry, and free from any dirt and grime, cement and grout, or any other surface contaminants. Where necessary, prepare the surfaces by washing them with NCC Cement, Grout & Salt Remover solution (diluted 1 to 5 with clean water), scrubbing as required to remove any contaminants, then rinse well to remove any residual materials and allow to dry


1. Before grouting: Prior to grouting / jointing the porcelain tiles, apply NCC Porcelain Protector uniformly over the surface using a suitable wide paint brush, foam roller or low-pressure sprayer. Allow to dry on the surface for 30 minutes at 20°C (do not apply below 10°C), then apply a second coat. Leave this to dry and harden for a minimum of 1 hour before commencing the grouting or pointing works.

2. After / post-grouting: After the porcelain joints have been grouted and allowed to harden and cure appropriately, and any / all dirt and residues have been removed, then NCC Porcelain Protector can be applied, including over the joints as well.

Important Additional Application Notes:

- Before applying the NCC Porcelain Protector, any difficult / hard to remove, dried on cement and/or cement grout stains can be removed using NCC Cement, Grout & Salt Remover. Any other jointing compound stains can be removed using NCC Resin Residue Remover.

Porcelain Protector is applied undiluted to the dry (preferably for optimum results, but may be slightly damp) paved surfaces, which is usually best carried out using the most appropriate combination of brush, roller or squeegee. Apply uniformly from an over-sized roller tray, rather than pouring the material directly on the paving surfaces; ensure that no ponding occurs; remove any excess immediately. For the best results, always apply two coats of K-Seal Total Sealer and allow 3 to 4 hours between coats for the first to penetrate and the solvent used as the carrier to evaporate (avoid flames and strictly no smoking in the areas during application and curing, follow H&S rules as per the relevant MSDS).

- Any future spillages on the treated surfaces can be removed far more quickly and easily, with the most cost effective and efficient way of doing this, being to regularly use NCC Porcelain Cleaner – for Aftercare, diluted as necessary, allow the surfaces to dry and then apply another protective treatment of NCC Porcelain Protector.

- Lower surface temperatures will increase all the stated waiting times in the cleaning and protection processes e.g. at 10°C they will be doubled, but at higher temperatures the minimum waiting times must still be maintained as stated above.

Consumption / Coverage (per litre):

Typical coverage on porcelain and other dense, limited porosity surfaces
Approx. 30m² / litre

If you need further advice or assistance check out the additional information on this website, or you can call our specialist team for specific advice on 01257 266696 You can also email us at: and we will get back to you as soon as we can?

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