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GftK’s vdw 870 Paving Joint Stabiliser is a 1-component, acrylic vinyl copolymer based, ‘ready-to-use’ joint sand stabilising solution, which provides a very cost effective solution for consolidating and protecting the joints in block paved driveways and other such block paved areas. GftK's vdw 870 Paving Jointing Sand Stabiliser is used as a surface applied stabilising solution to consolidate freshly applied, kiln dried jointing sand to prevent the sand washing out, reduce weed growth and reduce sand mining by boring insects etc.

Characteristics / Advantages
  • Supplied ready-to-use
  • Water dispersed – Solvent free
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • No mixing or power tools necessary
  • Consolidates jointing sand
  • Reduces sand wash-out
  • Reduces weed growth
  • Reduces mining by insects
  • Improves surface appearances and durability

Paving “Joint Sand Stabilisers” are not the same thing as a “Paving Sealer” as instead of forming an invisible hydrophobic surface layer within the paving element (e.g. like GftK's vdw 950 3-in-1 sealer), or a dry surface film (e.g. like NCC Streetscape Stone Sealer & Enhancer), which are more usually applied to pointed paved surfaces in order to seal and protect them against staining or freeze-thaw damage, but these will have no long-term effect on binding the sand in the joints.

Product Data Sheet

Therefore, GftK’s 870 Paving Joint Stabiliser solution is less penetrative into the dense stone, but is tougher and more flexible / elastic in order to bind the jointing sand particles together and help to accommodate the natural flexing and movement of flexibly laid block paving.

As a result, GftK’s 870 Paving Joint Stabiliser solution is specifically designed to penetrate into the freshly applied jointing sand and bind the grains together between the ‘flexibly’ laid blocks, simply means that the blocks are laid on a bed of compacted sand / aggregate and not laid ‘rigidly’ into concrete or mortar). Once the vdw 870 Sand Stabiliser solution has penetrated into the sand filled joints, the water evaporates and the residual polymer effectively ‘stabilises’ the sand filled joints, which helps to prevent the jointing sand being eroded in normal service, by weathering and surface cleaning operations, such as sweeping and light power washing.

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Application of the vdw 870

The application of the vdw 870 is simple as it is effectively supplied ‘ready-to-use’:

  • Brush and fully compact the dried jointing sand into the joints
  • Low-pressure spray apply the vdw 870 e.g. using a typical 5-10 litre garden sprayer with a suitable nozzle (tip: rinse the nozzle frequently with clean water to prevent build-up)
  • Spread and distribute the vdw 870 using a rubber squeegee to uniformly flow and fill to penetrate the sand filled joints
  • Remove any excess carefully by squeegee, sponge off and leave to dry
In summary, GftK's vdw 870 is a high solids, vinyl-acrylic polymer based, paving jointing sand stabiliser that provides a very useful lower cost and easy to use, water dispersed and environmentally friendly solution. This is ideal for domestic paving joint sand stabilising applications, such as on patios and pathways or driveways with light vehicles (e.g. normal domestic cars and bikes etc.), including for DIY applications with care.

If you need further advice or assistance check out the additional support, documentation and consumption calculator on this website, or you can call our specialist team for any more specific advice on 01257 266696 out of hours you can email: and we will get back to you just as soon as possible.

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