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Paving Joint Mortars from GftK GmbH are exclusively provided in the UK and Ireland by NCC Streetscape Ltd, together with all types of Paving Cleaners, Paving Sealers and other Additional Paving Products.

NCC Streetscape do not supply Natural Stone Paving or Concrete Block Paving and so we are completely independent. We do not try and sell unnecessary and very expensive Paving Bedding Mortars – Why use one? - When any sound, permeable concrete, dry-lean or consolidated stone substructure is perfectly good and easy to achieve (in accordance with the anticipated loading).

NCC Streetscape focus on providing the best Paving Joint solutions, especially for ‘small format’ paving, which is much more joint dependent than ‘large format’ paving; together with other specialist hard landscaping ancillary products that can improve the quality, performance and durability of new paved areas and also we have unique solutions or Patio and Paving Refurbishment. The repointing of patios and paved surfaces is required all too frequently because of the high failure rate of many of the commonly used pointing / grouting mortars used initially and usually just selected as the lowest cost solution – Not for you if you are the Owner, or the Contractor that has to keep going back or loses out on future work! – The answer – for both new and refurbishment / re-pointing projects – Save Time and Money - Talk to NCC Streetscape FIRST!

GftK’s vdw Paving Joint Mortars or Paving Grouts as they are sometimes also known, are specially designed for use according to the type of natural stone or concrete paving, its format – large or small units, and the type of traffic or exposure anticipated. This includes special Paving Jointing and Patio Jointing Mortar for 'Patios and Garden Paths', 'Driveways and Parking Areas', ' Town Centres and Street Works', 'Commercial Developments', ' Heritage and Historic', ‘Patio & Paving Repointing’.

At NCC Streetscape we provide GftK Paving Joint Mortars and many other problem solutions for including all types of domestic and commercial patios, terraces, roadways and all types of hard landscaping, even paved areas for heavy commercial vehicle traffic and truck hard standings.

NCC Streetscape provide full technical assistance to support your paving and hard landscaping projects with FREE on-site support available, together with our overall commitment to outstanding customer service for all of our professional Civil Engineering, Paving and Landscaping Contractors customers, plus many competent Builders and DIY’ers.
For FREE Expert Advice and Technical Assistance Call our specialist team on 01257 266696

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