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A particularly good example of this is the unique vdw 950 StoneProtect Plus 3-in-1 Impregnating Paving Sealer. This type of sealing solution is also ideal to provide hydrophobic (water repelling) and oleophobic (oil repelling) stain resistance treatment of natural stone and other porous paving substrates, which also makes future cleaning operations more efficient and effective.

Additionally, many specialist stone paving contractors now use the advanced vdw 950 impregnation immediately after the paving slabs are laid and the cement bedding has hardened, before grouting the joints. This is because the vdw 950 impregnation of the stone surface significantly reduces the surface permeability and makes the paving grouting process faster, whilst also removing the risk of staining from residual binder, even on sensitive stone surfaces, including those dodgy imported granites and sandstones!

Characteristics / Advantages
  • Penetrative impregnating sealer
  • Water dispersed (no solvents & non-flammable)
  • Easy to use
  • Brush and/or roller and/or low-pressure spray applied
  • Hydrophobic – water repellent
  • Oleophobic – oil repellent
  • Protects against staining and frost damage
  • Inhibits green growths
  • Vapour permeable
  • Prevents / greatly reduces efflorescence (surface salt formation)
Product Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet

GftK’s vdw 950 StoneProtect Plus 3-in-1 Impregnating Paving Sealer allows the treated surfaces to breathe/transpire in accordance with normal building physics - this means that unsightly staining and discoloration due to salts entrapment and crystallisation behind the surface film forming products. The unique vdw 950 impregnation can be the ideal solution for enhancing the natural beauty, whilst also protecting and preventing surface staining on many different types of stone paving, as well as on other surfaces and structures of permeable natural and reconstituted stone and other mineral paving surfaces. This includes pavers made from natural sandstones, limestones, granites and slates etc., as well as for other pavers such as exterior quarry tiles, terracotta, clay bricks & concrete block paving etc.

Application - Directions for use:

Requirements: A clean and dust-free, structurally sound, absorbent and dry paved surface which is otherwise ready for pointing; or with pointing that is fully cured and has no residual resin binder on the surface. Ambient and surface temperatures minimum 10°C/50°F, maximum 25°C/77°F, with dry weather conditions and no rain or heavy dew forecast for at least 24 hours.

Tools: Brushes, rollers or low-pressure sprayers, plus clean cloths and sponges to remove any excess.

Application: The areas to be treated should be completely dry, clean and free from any dirt or contaminants that could prevent or reduce penetration. Shake the vdw 950 StoneProtect Plus 3-in-1 bottle prior to use and then pour the vdw 950 into a suitable container or roller tray and apply uniformly using a brush, roller or low-pressure sprayer evenly over the surface to saturation but avoiding any residual ponding or puddling. Remove any excess with a sponge; this is particularly important on surfaces with uneven absorbency. More absorbent surfaces may require further coats and on such porous and permeable surfaces the product must be generously applied to fill and seal the surface. Allow at least two hours between coats.

Curing: Protect area‘s treated with vdw 950 StoneProtect Plus 3 in 1 from moisture and any other dirt or surface contamination for a minimum of 5 hours before access, 24 hours before use (at 20°C/68°F and 65% relative humidity). 3 days before vehicle access. When completely dry, the treated paving can be pointed with the appropriate vdw 800 epoxy based paving jointing mortar.

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Important note Whilst vdw 950 is highly unlikely to have any visual adverse aesthetic effects on the stone surfaces, other than the new overall colour variation due to water absorption, which means slightly lighter or darker; on any sensitive stone and other surfaces and as with any paving surface treatments, we strongly recommend carrying out an inconspicuous test area and allow this to dry thoroughly first and before making the overall application, as this is always the best way to ensure that all parties are happy.

If you need further advice or assistance there is more information on the pages of this website, plus on the respective vdw 950 PDS (Product Data Sheet). Alternatively, you can call our specialist team for advice on 01257 266696 You can also email us at: and we will get back to you as soon as we can?

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