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Town Centre Pavement Joints and other paved 'Street' areas or paved highway joints have critical requirements for long term performance in service.

Paving Joint Mortars in Town Centres

If their potential durability and excellent appearance is to be maintained, the Paving Jointing Mortars must be fully resistant to the different traffic loadings expected from pedestrians, cars, vans and occasional or frequent and heavy delivery trucks, together with resistance to additional de-icing salt exposure in winter. They must also be fully resistant to mechanical road sweeping machines and high pressure water jet cleaning that is frequently used on these town centre pavement surfaces.

The unique GftK range of vdw paving jointing mortars are ideally suited for town centre pavements and they also ideal for the refurbishment these paved areas. Importantly during application and installation of these paving jointing mortars in busy high street’s and shopping areas that are still open to the public, there is - no dust and the work is by clean slurry application into the joints, which can proceed really fast – Without delays whatever the weather!

NCC Streetscape has the ideal paving joint mortar for every town centre street, roadway and pavement application (both for new paving and for paving refurbishment projects). All available from the unique GftK range.

Paving Joint Mortars for
Town Centres & Street Works
See the Paving Jointing Products page of this website for a helpful guide to the right town centre paving jointing product selection, or call us on 01257 266696 for Expert assistance with your specific project’s requirements.

For additional information on Paving Cleaners, Paving Sealers or Jointing Sand Stabilisers and other specialised Additional Paving Products for town centre paving works please visit the relevant pages of this website. Alternatively you can always call David or Gary on 01257 266696 for specific expert advice on your town centre or highways paving project.

For examples of Town Centre and Street Work paving jointing projects recently completed by our customers throughout the UK, please visit the Case Studies pages of this website, where you can view or download many different town centres, highwayss and street paving jointing project case studies in PDF format.
For FREE Expert Advice and Technical Assistance Call David or Gary on 01257 266696

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