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Patio Jointing Mortars

Patio Jointing which is also called Patio Pointing and Patio Grouting, plus patio repointing is straight forward and fast when you use the GftK Paving Jointing Mortars from NCC Streetscape, which are specifically designed for the application and long-term performance in Patio Jointing and Grouting. Please see our dedicated Paving Jointing Products page with our Paving Jointing Mortar Selection Guide to see which of the advanced vdw mortars is ideal for your Patio project. You can then order it easily here from this website in our secure Online-Shop.

Patio Cleaners

Patio Cleaners from NCC Streetscape include a full range of safe, effective and non-toxic chemical cleaning products for patio paving cleaning works. The range includes general purpose patio cleaning products for all different types of stone and block paving, but also special products for removing dirt and grime from traffic, algae and other green growths, or to remove cement or other staining from paved surfaces, as is frequently necessary from traditional pointing or using pre-batched cement based jointing mortars instead of the advanced mortars from GftK! (Cement based patio jointing is not recommended by NCC Streetscape for several reasons – including this one! Please see our dedicated Paving Jointing Products page for more information on this subject).

Please visit our dedicated Paving Cleaners page and the Paving Cleaner Selection Guide to see which of the advanced patio paving cleaning products is ideal for your Patio project. You can then order it easily from this website - here in our secure Online-Shop.
Paving Mortars for
Patios & Garden Paths

Patio Sealers

Patio Sealers are also provide by NCC Streetscape and we supply a complete range of patio sealers that includes general purpose patio sealers, plus the range also includes special patio sealers for use as natural stone patio sealers, Indian Sandstone paving sealers, concrete block sealers and the latest invisible but protective impregnating hydrophobic patio sealers for use on all types of patios, domestic pathways or terraces. All designed to reduce water penetration and frost damage, plus to reduce staining from spillages and organic debris (leaves and grass cuttings etc.), wherever required to provide this additional protection and durability.

Patio sealers are not the same as paving Joint Stabilisers. If you are not using a hardening patio jointing material (such as the excellent vdw range of GftK Patio Jointing Mortars) and you require your patio sealer to provide a significant contribution to stabilising block paving jointing sand, then you should use a specific Jointing Sand Stabilising product – Please refer to the dedicated Paving Jointing Sand Stabilisers page on this website.

Please visit our dedicated Patio Sealers page and the Paving Sealers Selection Guide to see which of the advanced patio paving cleaning products is ideal for your Patio project. You can then order it easily from this website - here in our secure Online-Shop.

Patios, Terraces and Garden Pathways

For Patios, Terraces and Garden Pathways, NCC Streetscape supply products to assist you to make the best of every patio paving job, whether this is as a one-off DIY project, or in support of our professional Paving and Landscaping Contractor customers. We also have special solutions and the best products to use when you need to refresh and refurbish existing natural stone patios and other paved patio, terrace and garden areas.

Patios and Garden Paths come in all designs shapes and sizes today, as do the joints between the different paving elements, these can include all types of natural stone setts or slabs and concrete blocks as individual square or oblong setts, rounded cobbles, typical blocks, random slabs or flags and many specially formed sections are also available. NCC Streetscape has the ideal jointing and pointing mortar or grout to make your job a success, plus many other specialist ancillary paving and hard landscaping products to assist you.

For detailed information on specific Paving Jointing , Paving Cleaners, Paving Sealers or Jointing Sand Stabilisers and many other Additional Paving Products, together with Case Studies or to Buy Online, please follow the relevant links in the text, or the tabs at the top and on the left of this page.

Alternatively please call David or Gary for specific advice and assistance on your patio paving project whatever your requirements.
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