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Sika is one of the largest and best known construction chemicals manufacturers in the world, with unrivalled expertise in concrete technology, structural waterproofing, protective resin flooring and coatings, structural epoxy resin adhesives, plus elastic PU adhesive sealants for joint sealing and elastic bonding with additional vibration absorption and dampening properties.

As NCC is the major specialist UK Distributor, at NCC Streetscape we have selected the most suitable products from the Sika range to suit the project requirements and difficult external environments for these applications for our landscaping and paving contractors and our competent DIY customers.

Please scroll down and select the product you require, but if you have any additional questions or requirements do not hesitate to call us for assistance.

SikaDur 31

SikaDur 31 GB Rapid is an advanced 2 component, solvent free, thixotropic, epoxy resin based structural adhesive that is ideal for external applications as it can be used in dry, damp and even wet conditions. It can be used at low temperatures and will continue to harden when the temperature increases. No waiting for the British weather.

SikaDur 31 GB Rapid is suitable for bonding concrete, stone, metals, timber and many other hard landscaping materials in horizontal, vertical and overhead applications. It is also suitable for use in contact with aquatic life and drinking water as it is DWI approved for contact with potable / drinking water.

SikaDur 31 GB Rapid is ideal for both Professional Contractor and DIY use with almost unlimited applications in landscaping, paving and all types of garden and external structures ie bonding edge details, upstands, water features, seating, coping stones - bonding almost anything quickly and securely - Every contractor should keep a tin in the van!

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Sikaflex 11FC+

The almost universal adhesive sealant with countless uses on any project! Sikaflex 11FC+ is a very easy to use, single component, fast curing, professional type, polyurethane based, universal joint sealant and elastic adhesive.

It can be used to seal and waterproof conection, isolation and construction joints in all types of landscaping features and external structures.

Sikaflex 11FC+ can accomodate up to 12% joint movement. For more elastic jointing / elastic bonding use Sikafles 1A+ (also DWI approved for drinking water / aquatic life contact), or for rigid structural bonding use SikaDur 31 GB rapid (also DWI approved) - both also available from NCC Streetscape on this website.

Sikaflex 11FC+ is generally supplied in 300cc cartridges for use in normal Sealant Cartridge Guns - good ones are available from NCC if you do not have a decent one in the van and those from the builders merchants are always rubbish! Sikaflex 11FC+ is also available in 600cc sausage packaging for larger applications and use in professional bulk guns.

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Sika 1

Sika 1 is the world's best known and most respected integral liquid waterproofing admixture, used globally for waterproofing all types of cement mortars and concrete. It has been used by major construction professionals to waterproof the basement of the London Eye, the basements of the BBC and 10 Downing Street. plus many other watertight structures around the UK and elsewhere.

Sika 1 liquid is now available to waterproof any cement mortars or concrete for our professional landscaping and paving contractors, plus our competent DIY customers. Simply use mixed as directed with water to produce the guaging liquid and then produce and use your concrete or mortar as usual.

Sika 1 is ideal for countless landscaping applications including pond and water / drainage channel linings, fountains and water features; it is also approved by the DWI for contact with potable water and therefore is also suitable for surfaces to be in contact or run off into water with aquatic life.

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Sikagard 62

An advanced two component, high build, epoxy resin based protective coating with good chenical and abrasion resistance for all sorts of applications incuding the waterproofing and protection of concrete surfaces, or lining tanks and other structures in landscaping features, or below ground structures.

It is also ideal for use in ponds and water features - It is the blue green concrete coating in the Shark tank at the London Aquarium for example - As it is DWI approved for contact with drinking water.

Sikagard 62 requires mixing with a suitable paddle mixer on a 10mm electric drill - these paddles are also available from NCC Streetscape.

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Sikagard 63N

Sikagard 63N is a highly chemically resistant protective coating for concrete and stone structures such as bund linings, oil interceptors and containment bunds or areas where oil or aggressive chnaicals may be present.

Sikagard 63N is usually only supplied for professional use and application with the correct mixing and application equipment.

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SikaTop-121 is a versatile, two component, polymer modified, cementitious waterproofing, levelling and nonding mortar.

It is suppled as a liquid polymer and a special cement based powder containing special adhesion promoting and waterproofing admixtures.

It has numerous uses from a waterproof slurry coating, to internal tanking and the external waterproof protection of below ground structures, to the waterproof bonding and bedding of tiles, paving or even concrete in special situations.

SikaTop 121 can also be used in contact with drinking water or aquatic life as it has full DWI approval.

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Sika AnchorFix-1

Sika AnchorFix-1 is an excellent general purpose, cartidge applied adhesive for all sorts of fixings, in and around lanscaping projects - dowel bars, seating pins, edge fixings and special features etc.

Sika AnchorFix-1 is easy to use by extrusion from a simple standars cartridge gun - so can be used vertically or even overhead with no mess!

Sika AnchorFix-1 is solvent and styrene free, based on a fast curing methacrylate polyester and although it is a 2 part product, it is clevely supplied in a single cartdige for very easy and completely mess free use. Note - For high strength structural fixings use Sika AnchorFix-2

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Sika AnchorFix-2

Sika AnchorFix-2 is a 2 component high performance structural adhesive, supplied in an easy to use single cartridge for a standard sealant cartridge gun.

Sika AnchorFix-2 is a completely solvent and styrene free, epoxy acrylate based, well proven, tested and worldwide approved system for use as a structural anchoring adhesive.

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Sikaflex 1A+

Sikaflex 1A+ is a one component, high performance, polyurethane based joint sealant, for all types of construction and movement joint, with a joint movement capability of up to 25%.

Sikaflex 1A+ is an easy to use, non-stringing product (no mess) is also tested and approeoved for contact with potable water and safe for use with aquatic life as it has full DWI approval.

Sikaflex 1A+ is commonly used all around the world for sealing joints in service reservoirs and water tanks so it can also have many useful applications on landscaping projects.

On most common substrates no primer is required.

Incidentally - It is most unlikely that anyone in the UK, has not drunk water that at some time in its extraction, purifacation, storage and supply, has passed over or through at least one structure, that has been sealed and waterproofed with Sikaflex 1A+ sealant.

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SikaTop Seal 107

SikaTop Seal 107 is a two component, polymer modified, cementitious, waterproofing slurry coating that can be applied internally or externally to waterproof concrete and masonry strctures to keep water in or to keep water out as required.

SikaTop Seal 107 is British Board of Agrement Approved as an efficient Waterproofing slurry coating and is also safe for use with drinking water and aquatic life as it is also DWI approved for use in contact with potable (drinking) water.

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Sika Damproofing Slurry

Sika Damproofing Slurry is a one component grade of SikaTop Seal 107 Monotop Seal 107, that is designed as a waterproofing slurry to waterproof and protect concrete and masonry structures against water ingress or escape. keeping Water Out - Or - Keeping Water In!

As a one component product, Sika Damproofing Slurry is formualted with the latest freeze dried polymers.

Sika Damproofing Slurry is normally supplied in 12.5KG units which can easily be mixed in the tub as supplied, then the 'slurry' is applied by 'slurry brush' or trowel directly onto to the pre-dampened, prepared concrete, or masonry substrate - please refere to the PDS for more detailed information.

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