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Remmers are the world’s leading specialists in stone cleaning, stone restoration and stone protection. They have developed advanced chemical solutions and equipment with traditional knowledge and the latest technologies combined. Remmers materials are used on prestige structures and everyday paving from the Ancor What Temples in Cambodia, to the Manhattan Bridge and State Capital Buildings in New York, to St Paul’s Cathedral and the British Museum in London, and on quite literally ‘millions of square metres’ of facades, walls and paving areas all around the world.

Whatever the type of natural stone (all sandstones, limestones, granites etc), re constituted or artificial stone or concrete blocks, or any other hard landscaping surfaces, NCC Streetscape have selected the appropriate Remmers products and systems that are designed to clean, repair, protect and seal them - whatever their future exposure.

Remmers also produce a unique range of coloured, water dispersed, fast curing acrylic and epoxy resin based, protective floor coatings, deck coating systems and façade paints that are ideal for use by our landscaping and paving contractors, plus our competent DIY customers.

Remmers Funcosil OFS

A modern water based siloxane and fluoro co-polymer 'state of the art' based impregnation and 'invisible' sealer for all types of porous paving blocks, stone, concrete, bricks, flags etc.

Funcosil OFS penetrates into the surface and forms a complex silicate bond, at the same time as lining the pores and capillaries to give the surface a 'hydrophobic water-repelling effect'.

This protection is invisible and makes no change at all in the appearance of the surface - So it is ideal for people who want to retain the natural look of their stone or specially selected block paving, yet still protect it from water penetration, which also carries in the dirt which leads to discolouration and staining.

Funcosil OFS also repels oil and dramatically increases the paved surfaces resistance to freeze-thaw reaction and scaling.

Apply direct and undiluted to the dry paving with a brush, roller or spray in 2- 3 coats to give the desired degree of protection - This can also be refreshed easily by cleaning and re-application of a refresher coat whenever it is eventually required in some years time dependent on the exposure and use.

The "Natural Stone Buff's Sealer Selection of Choice!"

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Silicate Surface Strengthener

A water dispersed silicate based surface strengthening solution for stone, masonry and concrete surfaces that have been wethered and lost there original cohesive stregth.

Ideal as part of landscaping restoration projects for features and steps etc. It also forms an integral part of the complete Remmers Stone Restoration System - or it can be used on is own to increase the life expectancy of the natural material.

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Stone Restoration Mortar (Normal)

Coloured repair mortar for restoring stone and brick structures and as used on heritage structures through out the UK and the world over - including the British Museum, the Irish National Museum, The Berlin Reichstag and the Anchor Watt Temple.

Part of the complete Remmers Stone Restoration System and also suitable for use on its own to make good all sorts of stone objects, structures and features during refurbishment work - or even to make good damged new structures or elements.

Remmers Restoration Mortar is available in a huge range of colours - please refer to the Product Data Sheet for details - which is available to view or download below.

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Remmers Impregnation BFA

Powerful fungicidal, bacteriacidal and algicidal wash for use in cleaning and refurbishing all types of paving and landscaping, together with any associated stone, brick or other masonry walls, features and structures.

Apply after thorough cleaning and green growth removal (using Remmers Green Growth Remover or other suitable cleaner) for highly effective long term control and protection against the growth of annoying green stuff on paved areas, walls and facades of all types.

Remmers Impregnation BFA kills the roots, the mycelae, the spores - the whole lot - and keeps it that way so it won't come back for many years.

For optimum results apply a suitable NCC Streetscape surface sealer afterwards, as this will maintain the 'good as new' appearance and function, without dirt build up and other surface staining as well.

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Rofalin Acrylic

High performance water based acrylic protective coating for any vertical surfaces and facades of concrete, stone, cement render and stucco or other mineral substrate, and which truly lasts for years.

Paint your house as well as your work - this paint will easily last up to 25 years - with excellent colour retention and no flaking or peeling.

This fully weatherproof paint coating is therefore ideal for the decorative and protective coating of any external feature or out building in any garden and landscaping works.

Available in a range of colours or can be tinted to order in any lightfast colour to suit your design (minimum quantities do apply of course).

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Epoxy BS 2000 Clear

A clear, 2 component, fast curing, water dispersed epoxy resin based primer for use in sealing, priming and coating concrete and other mineral surfaces to prevent dusing, water penetration or chemical attack.

Also used as a primer for other resin materials especially in the Remmers BS 3000 hgh build coloured epoxy floor paint coating system(also available on this website) for use as a protective floor coating, surfacing or wall coating, including areas needing protective treament against abrasion, water ingress or chemical attack in all types of hard landscaping works.

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Remmers Combi WR -Cement Grout & Stain Remover

Ready to use cleaner for paving, brick and masonry to remove lime and cement deposits, icluding cement staining from cement based grout or jointing mortar overspill (ie where the GftK Mortars from NCC Streetscape were unfortunately NOT used - painful lesson learned for next time huh?), or for removing efflorescence and mortar spills etc. without covering the place in dangerous concetrated hydrochloric acid!

WR Combi cleaner is based on a blend of different acidic materials to safely remove the cement and lime material from the surface, whilst being as gentle as possible to the surface substrate itself.

As with any paving cleaner it is always advisable to test a small area first, particulalry with coloured concrete blocks or acid sensitive natural stone, such as limestone or very porous sandstone, where some penetration and discoloration is possible.

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Remmers AC Clinker - Cement Grout Remover (powder)

A very cost effective powder form of cement stain remover and lime cleaning agent. Add to clean water and dissolve it to the strength necessary to remove and clean cement stains, cement laitance and efflorescence staining deposits from paving, brickwork, masonry etc.

Remmers AC Clinker is based on a blend of weak acidic salts, so as with Remmers WR Combi, it should always be tested on a small area first. Some coloured concrete blocks or sensitive porous natural stone can discolour with high concentrations, or prolonged surface contact that allows penetration of the substrate.

With Remmers AC Clinker it is often better and always safer to clean a surface twice or more with a weaker solution, rather than once with a more concentrated one - it will still take the same time and the gentle approach is always best for these surfaces. Plus you will have some left for the next time - Although if you use our GftK Paving Jointing Mortars in future you will never have a cement grout staining problem again!!!!!!!!

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Remmers Traffic Film Remover

This is an excellent combination of detergent and powerful surfactants which is ideal to quickly dissolve built up traffic film and deposits on all types of patios and paving, plus any other hard surfaces.

Actually it can also be used to effectively and safely remove built up dirt and grime from anything from the back of your van, to cars and boats, or the walls of your house!

Simply dilute in clean water to the strength required; then pour, brush, roller or spray on; scrub into any difficult areas with a stiff brush; allow to work for a few minutes and then rinse / jett off with clean water - Job Done!

Finally, when dry don't forget to seal the paved surfaces with one of our range of patio and paving sealers - It can have a permanent wet look or be completely invisible, plus it won't get dirty anywhere near so quickly next time - And when it eventually does, you will get the muck off with the Remmers Traffic Film Remover you have left even faster!

Probably the best general patio and paving cleaner and certainly our best seller!

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Remmers Facade Cleaning Paste

An extremely versatile, 'paste consistency' cleaning product, designed for use on those difficult vertical upstands and areas where there is often a build up of everything from dirt and grime, to efflorescence and green growths etc.

It was originally designed for use on whole building facades during prestige cleaning and restoration works on important historic stuctures, so it has a very low acidity and is suitable for use on almost all types of paving and landscaping surfaces.

It is very easy to apply in these difficult vertical areas, or just in very localised horizontal areas, or next to other sensitive sufaces and materials - such as special planting areas or decorative features for example. This is due to its unique thixotropic paste consistency, making it non-drip and totally controllable.

This advantage allows the material to sit vertically on the dirt and grime whilst it works, without it running off and away, or touching any sensitve material.

After allowing the material to dry and the appropriate waiting time, brush or water jet off, as carefully and appropriately as necessary, with clean water.

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Remmers AGE - Stain Remover

A biodegradeable cleaning paste originally designed to safely remove paints, resins, varnishes, laquers and polish residues from wood, metal and cement based surfaces.

As such we have found that it is therefore also ideal for removing all sorts of annoying stains from patios and paved areas - such as paint spills, wine and coffee etc., when normal detergent based cleaners will not shift them.

When applied locally it penetrates the surface and dissolves the paint or other material, bringing it back to the suface so that it can be removed with normal cleaning and cloths etc. If necessary repeat the procedure untuill all of the staining material has been removed.

On coloured concrete or sensitive natural stone and as with all cleaning solutions, always test on a small area first to ensure there is no discoloration.

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Remmers Oil & Grease Remover

This is a highly effective and very efficient, powerful surfactant and detergent based paving cleaner> it is excellent for removing many different types of oils and grease (kitchen and barbeque cooking fats, power tool oils, motor and bike oils) and in fact - all types of vehicle oils and grease from paving and other hard surfaces!

Remmers Oil and Grease Remover will also remove soot and other pollution and grime deposits from patios, paving and other hard landscaping surfaces.

This material is supplied as a concentrate that can be diluted with clean water up to 1:20, according to the level and power of cleaning required. It is therefore not only extremely effective in its grease-busting performance, it is also extremely economical and cost effective in use.

The material is very easy and safe to use - Dilute as required, brush or pour on to the area, work with a brush, allow to work for a few minutes and rinse off with clean water - for very heavy or deep deposits repeat as necessary.

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Green Growth Remover

Remmers Green Growth Remover is a specially developed gentle algicidal, biocidal and fungicidal cleaner for removing ugly green growths from all types of paving and hard landscaping surfaces, plus it works equally well on any associated walls and garden structures, facades etc.

There is no bad odour and the product is so safe that it can even be used safely for mould removal indoors.

To use, simply dilute according to the level of growth to be removed and apply by brush, roller or spray.

Allow to work for up to 48 hours and then sponge, brush or water jet off (according to substrate and the area) with clean water.

If growth is / was very heavy, repeat or use more concentrated and repeat.

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Easy Peel Cleaner

Remmers Easy Peel Cleaner is a really unique find and absolutely brilliant for cleaning all manner of difficult surfaces, substrates and objects - from ornamental features, fountains, urns and structures, old profiles and indoors even your old fireplace!

It is a fascinating "brush on and peel off" latex carried cleaning solution which is excellent for the removal of all sorts of dirt and grime, soot and fire damage, plus other surfaces. All without aggressive water jetting, blast cleaning or mechanical wire and stiff brushing etc. In fact it can be used without water completely, for example if you want to clean the old fireplace in your house with absolutely no mess in the room!

It can be used as supplied for the controlled cleaning of concrete and brick surfaces, plus you can also use it together with our special Activators (please purchase seperately).

Note - There is a special Activator for 'Stone' Surfaces, plus another one for use on 'Marble and Slate' surfaces.

To use the product, simply brush on the creamy, thick, non-drip paint consistency product very liberally and then leave it to dry for around 48 hours for the best results. Then simply 'pick-up' from on edge and roll from one end to gradually peel it off in a sheet - pulling gently and gradually without tearing if possible to remove in a single piece - this will be taking all of the built-up dirt, grime and contamination away with it - Brilliant and as used in St. pauls Cathedral, London and the product of choice for Cleaning Specialists on many other historic cleaning projects around the world!

Finally wipe the surface down with a damp cloth or sponge to remove any residue - and there it is - Job Done!

As with all cleaning products - Always test on a small area first and the process can be repeated if the dirt build up was heavy and / or deep!

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EPC - Activator for Stone
Activator for natural stone surfaces to be used in conjunction with Remmers Easy-Peel Cleaner. Use as directed on the Product Data Sheet.
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EPC - Activator for Marble and Slate
Activator to be used in conjunction with Remmers Easy-Peel Cleaner for the cleaning of marble and slate surfaces. Use as directed on the Product Data Sheet
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H-F Antidote Gel

Tube of Gel for the treatment of any HydroFlouric Acid (HF) burns on skin. A must for the serious stone cleaning and rstoration professional. If a product contains HF you should have this available on site whenever the material is being used.

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A 1 component, water based, biodegradeable, viscous cleaning liquid. It removes carbon and dirt deposits from heavily soiled red sandstone and reduces the formation of 'white encrustations'. Sold in 25 Litre drums for Professional Contractor's use only.

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Epoxy BS3000

Epoxy BS3000 is a remarkably fast curing and quick drying (touch dry in 2 hours) high performance, vapour permeable and non-yellowing, water based epoxy coating, with a high solids content for fast, high build and very durable coatings to floors and other horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Epoxy BS3000 is the fastest drying product, with the highest film thickness and best gloss in a water based epoxy paint that is on the market today! - It is based on the latest low voc water dispersed epoxy resin technologies.

Epoxy BS3000 is available in a standard grey and other colours, plus almost unlimited range of special colours on request, and it is an excellent, easily mixed and applied protective coating for all sorts of external concrete, or other surfaces that require substantially increased chemical or abrasion resistance etc.

On porous substrates BS 200) Clear is ideal as a penetrating, lower cost, priming coat and surface sealer before the Coloured BS 3000 top coat(s)is applied.

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Remmers Wood Cream

The most technically advance, easiest to use and best performing 'all in one' decking and wood stain, preservative and protection for use on all types of timber and timber structures in Gardens and Landscaping projects.

Very low odour and minimal voc's, with a thick creamy consistency, that is better than any so-called 'non-drip' product on the market - brilliant results - often just one coat is sufficient for up to 10 years potection.

This material is brand new to the UK market and in 2011/12 is set to revolutionize the business for the Trade in many different wood and timber applications - At NCC Streetscape we can provide it to our customers first, as we are already the major distributors of Remmers stone cleaning & restoration products, plus their floor and concrete coatings and hard landscaping sealing products.

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Remmers Funcosil AG

A one component, solvent dispersed, acrylic fluoro-polymer and siloxane combination, for use as protection for stone surfaces, also giving excellent anti graffiti properties.

Ideal for vertical surfaces as well as paving - and if the treated surfaces are later subjected to any graffitti, then they can be easily and safely be cleaned using organic solvents including white spirit.

This product is particularly good for,paving as it reacts with the stone / concrete surface with a complex silicate coss-linking that also strengthens the stone matrix making it denser.

This is in addition to the hyrdophobic, water repellent surface that it produces, which is achieved due to the hydrophobic lining of the surface pores - All done without changing the surface appearance and texture of the stone or block paving selected.

- Great for the natural stone buffs that still want to protect their 'natural look and feel' against spillages, graffitti or freeze thaw reaction - scaling in winter frosts, which is greatly accelerated with the use of any de-icing salts on the sufaces.

Funcosil AG also makes the surface resistant to penetration and damage or staining by oils, grease, water borne dirt and inks in graffitti - LONG TERM DURABLE YET INVISIBLE PROTECTION!!!!.

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