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Kingfisher is a small and focussed, but extremely experienced and flexible manufacturer, primarily of acrylic resin based materials for specialist building and construction applications.

Kingfisher maintain the capability of having dedicated facilities for the production of both solvent and water dispersed materials, giving us at NCC Streetscape, the option of selecting the best performing impregnation and sealing product for each type of application – according to the climatic conditions and environmental considerations that prevail ie solvent based materials can be applied at lower temperatures and in damp or humid conditions, whereas water based products can not.

Conversely, solvented materials are increasingly restricted, dangerous and also unpleasant to use, particularly in restricted or occupied areas – whereas water based materials can be safely applied without disruption or inconvenience – ‘horses for courses’.

NCC Streetscape use this capability from Kingfisher to recommend and provide the right products to all of our customers, according to their specific project requirements.

K-Seal Total

Patio sealer and block paving sealer based on solvented acrylic resin which provides and enhanced appearance and surface protection for patios and driveways.

K-Seal Total penetrates into the paving surface and gives it a 'wet-look' and repels both oil and water on all types of block paving, concrete flags, paving slabs and porous bricks and tiles.

It can also be used to seal and protect porous natural stone such as indian sandstone etc., but due to the variations in natural stone we always suggest a trial to confirm that the surface is porous - If water is absorbed by the stone then the K-Seal Total will also penetrate no problem (if not - or if you are uncertain please contact us for advice.

Easy to use and ideal for both paving professionals and DIY alike!

K-Seal Total penetrates deep into the surface to protect against water and frost damage and it also inhibits the growth of algae and moss and lichens etc.

One coat of K-Seal Total will give a more 'matt' appearance, whereas 2 coats will give a gloss appearance and provide a more complete seal.

If the surface is weathered, used and abraded by foot traffic etc , another adsvantage of K-Seal Total, is that the surface simply needs to be washed and cleaned (we reccoment our 'Patio Cleaner') and then a single refresher coat applied - whenever this eventually does becomes necessary.

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Restore A Drive

Restore a Drive will put the colour back into your faded drive/ patio blockwork.

This revolutionary new product is formulated from a blend of premium acrylic resins, light fast pigments, colour enhancers and protective waxes to penetrate into your existing blocks / slabs / kerbs and borders to leave a natural looking and refreshed finish, with additional surface repellents built into the formulation.

The product is easy to use and apply by paving and lanscaping contractors or competent DIY'ers. It will give your drive and patio a new look finish and lease of life for up to 5 years.

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