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Stone Restoration

In conjunction with landscaping works – particularly in refurbishment and renovation projects, it is often necessary to clean, restore and provide durable protection to existing natural stone (or concrete), including landscape features such as stone follies, steps, balustrades, walls or even whole facades.

Remmers are the world’s technology and market leaders in stone restoration – cleaning, restoration and preservation / protection. NCC Streetscape has selected products to meet most of our customers stone restoration requirements. However, if you have a more specific requirement, please call David or Gary for expert advice – we are confident that we can assist you.

Remmers Impregnation BFA

Powerful fungicidal, bacteriacidal and algicidal wash for use in cleaning and refurbishing all types of paving and landscaping, together with any associated stone, brick or other masonry walls, features and structures.

Apply after thorough cleaning and green growth removal (using Remmers Green Growth Remover or other suitable cleaner) for highly effective long term control and protection against the growth of annoying green stuff on paved areas, walls and facades of all types.

Remmers Impregnation BFA kills the roots, the mycelae, the spores - the whole lot - and keeps it that way so it won't come back for many years.

For optimum results apply a suitable NCC Streetscape surface sealer afterwards, as this will maintain the 'good as new' appearance and function, without dirt build up and other surface staining as well.

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Silicate Surface Strengthener

A water dispersed silicate based surface strengthening solution for stone, masonry and concrete surfaces that have been wethered and lost there original cohesive stregth.

Ideal as part of landscaping restoration projects for features and steps etc. It also forms an integral part of the complete Remmers Stone Restoration System - or it can be used on is own to increase the life expectancy of the natural material.

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Stone Restoration Mortar (Normal)

Coloured repair mortar for restoring stone and brick structures and as used on heritage structures through out the UK and the world over - including the British Museum, the Irish National Museum, The Berlin Reichstag and the Anchor Watt Temple.

Part of the complete Remmers Stone Restoration System and also suitable for use on its own to make good all sorts of stone objects, structures and features during refurbishment work - or even to make good damged new structures or elements.

Remmers Restoration Mortar is available in a huge range of colours - please refer to the Product Data Sheet for details - which is available to view or download below.

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Remmers Funcosil OFS

A modern water based siloxane and fluoro co-polymer 'state of the art' based impregnation and 'invisible' sealer for all types of porous paving blocks, stone, concrete, bricks, flags etc.

Funcosil OFS penetrates into the surface and forms a complex silicate bond, at the same time as lining the pores and capillaries to give the surface a 'hydrophobic water-repelling effect'.

This protection is invisible and makes no change at all in the appearance of the surface - So it is ideal for people who want to retain the natural look of their stone or specially selected block paving, yet still protect it from water penetration, which also carries in the dirt which leads to discolouration and staining.

Funcosil OFS also repels oil and dramatically increases the paved surfaces resistance to freeze-thaw reaction and scaling.

Apply direct and undiluted to the dry paving with a brush, roller or spray in 2- 3 coats to give the desired degree of protection - This can also be refreshed easily by cleaning and re-application of a refresher coat whenever it is eventually required in some years time dependent on the exposure and use.

The "Natural Stone Buff's Sealer Selection of Choice!"

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