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Protective Coatings

Protective coatings can be required for many reasons, including to provide chemical resistance for below ground or immersed structures; and components, to resist traffic wear or other mechanical abrasion; for durable colour and delineation of areas and edgings, or simply to increase durability for materials in external weathering situations for example.

For chemical exposure, select an epoxy or polyurethane resin based coating, whilst for exposed concrete surfaces a lightfast acrylic material will probably give the best results.

We have a range of products available here that are available in a range of colours, and designed to solve most of the problems and requirements our customers meet in landscaping and paving projects.

If you need any additional advice or assistance please do not hesitate to call David or Gary on 01257 266696

Sikagard 62

An advanced two component, high build, epoxy resin based protective coating with good chenical and abrasion resistance for all sorts of applications incuding the waterproofing and protection of concrete surfaces, or lining tanks and other structures in landscaping features, or below ground structures.

It is also ideal for use in ponds and water features - It is the blue green concrete coating in the Shark tank at the London Aquarium for example - As it is DWI approved for contact with drinking water.

Sikagard 62 requires mixing with a suitable paddle mixer on a 10mm electric drill - these paddles are also available from NCC Streetscape.

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Sikagard 63N

Sikagard 63N is a highly chemically resistant protective coating for concrete and stone structures such as bund linings, oil interceptors and containment bunds or areas where oil or aggressive chnaicals may be present.

Sikagard 63N is usually only supplied for professional use and application with the correct mixing and application equipment.

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Epoxy BS 2000 Clear

A clear, 2 component, fast curing, water dispersed epoxy resin based primer for use in sealing, priming and coating concrete and other mineral surfaces to prevent dusing, water penetration or chemical attack.

Also used as a primer for other resin materials especially in the Remmers BS 3000 hgh build coloured epoxy floor paint coating system(also available on this website) for use as a protective floor coating, surfacing or wall coating, including areas needing protective treament against abrasion, water ingress or chemical attack in all types of hard landscaping works.

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Epoxy BS3000

Epoxy BS3000 is a remarkably fast curing and quick drying (touch dry in 2 hours) high performance, vapour permeable and non-yellowing, water based epoxy coating, with a high solids content for fast, high build and very durable coatings to floors and other horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Epoxy BS3000 is the fastest drying product, with the highest film thickness and best gloss in a water based epoxy paint that is on the market today! - It is based on the latest low voc water dispersed epoxy resin technologies.

Epoxy BS3000 is available in a standard grey and other colours, plus almost unlimited range of special colours on request, and it is an excellent, easily mixed and applied protective coating for all sorts of external concrete, or other surfaces that require substantially increased chemical or abrasion resistance etc.

On porous substrates BS 200) Clear is ideal as a penetrating, lower cost, priming coat and surface sealer before the Coloured BS 3000 top coat(s)is applied.

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