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Tree Pit Systems
Tree Pit Systems for Paving and Hard Landscaping works are produced with special permeable Resin Bound Surfacing. This also removes any potential slip or trip hazards, prevents the loss of soil or growing media, plus it stops the build-up of rubbish and litter around the trees.

By using these light and colour fast Tree-pit resin mortars over a consolidated base layer, the areas can also be enhanced aesthetically and made to match or contrast with the surrounding paving, according to the Architect and Designers requirements.

There are basically two types of these tree-pit systems that can be supplied – those with a factory graded and pre-bagged aggregate mix that is included with the resin binder in a pre-batched unit (GftK's vdw 525), or the resin binder alone (GftK's vdw 825 binder) can be supplied to be mixed with a defined quantity of approved specially prepared kiln dried aggregates, or blends of aggregates and other special materials such as glass beads or pebbles, for the creation of special effects and design solutions.

There are also two types of resin binder suitable for these Tree-pit applications – both are light fast, non-yellowing polyurethane resin based. They are also known as urethane polymers, the first group are single or one-component moisture cured polyurethane resin based materials and the second group are two-component reaction curing polyurethane resin based materials.

Due to the special mixing equipment and special aggregates or blends of aggregates required, we do not normally sell the Tree-Pit System components in our online shop - BUT if you wouod like training and assistance to install these advanced and very attractive Tree-Pit solutions then we will be happy to assist you with this on your projects. Please call David or Gary on 01257 266696 to discuss your particular requirements and we are certain that we will be able to assist you.

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