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Paving Joint Mortars / Grouts

NCC Streetscape are the exclusive UK and ROI distributors of the unique GftK Paving Joint Mortars from Germany - This is the most advanced range of paving jointing, pointing and grouting products available on the market, with products that are ideal for all different types of paving.

Please scroll down here for more information and then to the most appropriate product for your patio pointing / paving jointing and grouting project.

GftK is the clear European market and technology leader in Paving Joint Mortars for use with all types of natural stone setts and slabs, plus quality concrete block paving – including products that are ideal for both new works and refurbishment projects.

For example GftK's vdw 840Plus for domestic Patio Jointing and paving grouting is the 'state-of-the-art' product for DIY and professional pointing of domestic patios, with easy, fast wet slurry application.

Additionally, GftK's vdw 850 Paving Joint Mortar is the highest performance and the 'state-of-the-art' for fast professional application in all types of pavement, highway and other paved areas subject to vehicular traffic and mechanical street cleaning equipment.

The GftK Paving Joint Mortars are all produced in Germany, fully in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Standards and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems. The complete range of paving joint mortars includes systems for all different sizes of joint and all different levels of traffic loadings - from patios to commercial pedestrian areas, to paved areas with occasional light to heavy vehicles, to frequently trafficked streets and market areas, plu heavy vehicle turning, unloading and hard standing areas.

GftK's paving joint mortars are ideal for garden patios and pathways, driveways and car parking areas, town centre streets and pavements, commercial developments, historic market squares. In fact there is a mortar that is ideal and the best solution for any important area of quality paving that has to look good, be cost effective, and with the optimum durability. We always find it difficult to understand why some people still select expensive natural stone paving setts or slabs for domestic, commercial and Local Authority projects, without also insisting on the right high performance jointing mortar to ensure they get the look and durability they want from the stone.

Otherwise premature failures are so often seen due to inadequate sand and cement based mortar, or the inferior so called ‘geo-' or 'air drying resin’ or 'polymer resin' mortar products being used - often also sold as 'Wide Jointing Compounds' - use these at your peril!

NCC Streetscape are the exclusive UK and ROI distributors of GftK paving joint mortars and systems. We can provide all necessary technical, estimating and on-site practical application support to our landscaping and paving contractors and competent DIY customers.

Please scroll down to select the most appropriate product for your patio pointing / paving jointing and grouting project or for more information or assistance please check out the Paving Jointing Mortar page of this website: link - http://www.nccstreetscape.co.uk/PavementJointing.html

You can also use our Paving Joint Mortar Consumption Calculator on this page to determine how much you will require for your project here: www.nccstreetscape.co.uk/Shop/Category.mvc/Detail/1

For any other specific help or advice on your paving project please call David or Gary on 01257 266696.

vdw 840 Plus

vdw 840 Plus for pedestrian areas such as patios, pathways, terraces and other and paving - is the most advanced single pack jointing / grouting mortar based on the latest and most advanced polymeric sand formulation available, which is supplied ready to use, vacuum packed in a sealed bag within a plastic tub.

vdw 840 Plus is unique and a major advance in this type of single pack, air cured, polymeric sand based paving joint mortars for domestic patios and paving.

It is designed for use on all types of stone and concrete paving and in joints from 30 down to a minimum 3mm wide. vdw 840 Plus is not only tolerant of damp conditions during application, it is actually wet-slurry applied onto thoroughly pre-dampened (literally wet) paving and is therefore extrememly tolerant of the British Weather - No more waiting for a sunny day and good weather forecast to complete the patio!.

Simply open the bag, pour out onto the pre-dampened surface in small piles and then slurry apply using a rubber squeegee (also available in the tools section of this website shop), directly into the joints; then after a few minutes rinse off any excess with clean water and after a further few minutes, brush off any residue from the paving surfaces - Job Done - Easy!

This is the easiest to use, best performing, ready to use and single pack, polymeric sand based paving joint mortar / patio grout on the global market. It is therefore for DIY application on domestic patios, paths and all types of hard landscaped domestic garden areas.

GftK's vdw 840plus is also ideal for professionals to complete such domestic projects for their clients - Again because the wet-slurry application is done standing-up and is an extremely fast application, plus great finished results are achieved with this advanced patio and paving joint mortar, which is also non-staining, weed and boring insect resistant too!

vdw 840 Plus is suitable for grouting all types of patio paving including those with natural stone (granite, limestone, sandstone, slate etc.), reconstituted stone and other concrete pavers or flags etc.

Note: vdw 840 Plus is not designed for areas used by vehicles or commercial / public areas with Mechanical Cleaning machines - for these areas please use our epoxy resin bound paving joint mortars vdw 800, vdw 805, vdw 850, or vdw 855 - According to the specific paving design, usage and loading requirements - Please refer to our Paving Joint Mortar Selection Guide on the Paving Joint Mortar Page of this website. Alternatively you can call David or Gary on 01257 266696 if you need any additional assistance or advice making your selection.

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vdw 815vdw 815vdw 815vdw 815
vdw 815
GftK's vdw 815 is an advanced Epoxy Paving Joint Mortar for larger format paving (generally means more than 400mm x 400mm)with narrow joints and light to medium traffic loads such as on domestic and commercial patios and terraces or retail/ shopping areas for example.

GftK's vdw 815 Paving joint mortar consists of epoxy resin coated and bound sand that is mixed with a special reactive hardener to produce a free-flowing and self-compacting paving joint mortar that is wet-slurry applied with lots of additional water for high performance and extremely durable pointing / grouting in narrow joints (> 3 mm). It is designed for use with larger format natural stone paving, together with good quality reconstituted stone and concrete flags / slabs.

vdw 815 is suitable for light to medium traffic loads, such as on domestic and commercial patios, terraces, pathways and domestic driveways etc. This advanced paving joint technology is fast and extremely easy to apply as a self-compacting wet-slurry that is applied on to pre-wetted damp / wet surfaces - So there is also no waiting for the surfaces to dry or even the rain to stop - it can be applied in the rain, and at lower temperatures (> +3°C/> 37.4°F) GftK's vdw 815 provides highly durable stain free surfaces, even on sensitive natural stone such as Indian sandstone or coloured limestone's, with finishes that are easy to clean, water permeable, abrasion resistant - even mechanical sweeper resistant, plus this jointing mortar is highly frost and de-icing salt resistant.

With GftK's vdw 815 narrow paving joint mortar you get the optimum joint strength correlation (tensile - compressive - modulus, in a water dispersed and environmentally friendly product and finish.

Ideal for both paving professionals and competent DIY'ers

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vdw 800

The benchmark in high performance paving joint mortars - designed and originallyproduced in Germany, almost 18 years ago, in order to cope with their higher temperatures in summer and lower temperatures in Winter, than all types of conventional paving joint solutions. It is suitable for all types of paved areas with pedestrian and light to medium vehicular traffic loads, in domestic, commercial and public landscapes.

An excellent paving joint / pointing mortar for natural stone, reconstituted stone and concrete block or flag / slab paved surfaces, such as those on patios, driveways, town centres, market squares and commercial areas etc, with paving joints >5mm wide.

Easily and quickly applied as a slurry, can be applied in wet weather. The vdw 800 then cures quickly to provide a tough and durable, semi-permeable (for SUDS), giving a good looking paved surface which is non-staining and excellent in preventing weed growth and stopping boring insects. vdw 800 is suitable for cleaning by mechanical street cleaners and sweepers, plus it is fully resistant to frequent freeze thaw and de-icing salts exposure.

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vdw 850

vdw 850 is the 'stat-of-the-Art' high performance and extremely durable, self compacting, epoxy bound paving jointing mortar for pedestrian, light and medium vehicular traffic loads, including larger vehicles and mechanical road sweepers, cleaning with high pressure water jetting etc, etc.

vdw 850 Paving Joint Mortar / Grout is designed for extremely fast self compacting aplication, with no delays (and no additional costs!), or waiting for the weather, even in continuously wet weather and at colder temperatures. This is because the material can be applied in the wet, even in the rain - and in cold (non-freezing) conditions, when vdw 850 can still be applied as it will continue to cure when the temperature increases again above 8-10 degrees C.

A big advanyage of vdw 850 on UK paving projects is that its performance is not reduced by residual water and damp in the joints when it is applied - unlike any form of traditional or prepacked cement based joint mortar which will shrink and then crack due to the change in water to cement ration - vdw 850 does not shrink due to its unique water dispersed epoxy resin bound sand formulation.

vdw 850 is non staining, it is superb at preventing weed growth or damage by boring insects. It is also fully resistant to de-icing salts and freeze-thaw conditions.

Quite simply the best paving jointing mortar on the market and the clear global paving joint technology leader!

vdw 850 is the ideal paving jointing mortar for use with natural stone, reconstituted stone and concrete block, slab and other paving surfaces on quality natural patios, driveways and paved roadways, including road junctions and intersections or roundabouts, town centres, paving around retail and commercial developments, plus all sorts of other paved domestic, commercial and public landscaping areas.

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vdw 855

The heavy duty grade of vdw 850 jointing mortar, designed specifically for use on areas with heavy vehicle traffic and heavy vehicle standings etc.

Self compacting, fast application with no waiting, stopping or delays in wet weather. Can be applied in low temperatures and continue to cure as the temperatures increases.

vdw 855 means absolutely no weed growth and no insects. It is non staining and fully resistant to de-icing salts and freeze-thaw reaction - the toughest most durable paving jointing mortar available.

It is suitable for pavement jointing with natural stone, reconstituted stone and paving blocks in town centres, busy roads and intersections, heavily trafficked roundabouts, vehicle loading and turning areas,industrial facilities and heavy vehicle hard standings etc.

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