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Resin Bonded Surfacing

In Partnership with addagrip

Resin Bonded Surfacing for Paving and Hard Landscaping

Resin bonded surfacing is now used to create the look of natural gravel or other stone finishes without the inconvenience, noise and nuisance of loose gravel or chippings that move and are displaced or thrown up dangerously when trafficked.

Resin Bonded Surfacing can be applied to most hard landscaping and paved substrates and dependent on the type of aggregates broadcast onto the surface, will provide superb slip resistant and hardwearing grip and traction for both pedestrians and vehicular traffic. These systems also greatly enhance the areas appearance, with almost unlimited design possibilities in terms of colour, shape, form and finished texture.

Resin bonded surfacing is therefore very suitable and ideal for many domestic, commercial, and public areas, including being used as a feature or design component of larger, traditional concrete, asphalt or concrete hard landscaping schemes. Addagrip resin bonded systems can provide clearly designated car parking areas, increase the slip resistance for pedestrians and vehicular traffic on ramps, docks & loading platform areas, cycle paths and many other areas.

The Resin Bonded Surfacing for Paving and Hard Landscaping works is produced using a fast curing resin (epoxy, polyurethane or polyurea based) that is applied to the prepared substrate, then broadcast with selected aggregates or gravel, stone or other mineral chippings, small pebbles or synthetic materials. This provides a ‘designer’ surfacing system that can have the desired degree of slip resistance, abrasion and wear resistance, in the owners selected colour shades and appearance required. Resin bonded surfacing systems therefore provide hardwearing, slip resistant decorative finishes that are suitable for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Resin Bonded Surfacing Materials

The advanced resin bonded surfacing systems provided by NCC Streetscape are predominantly based on 3-component, solvent-free and fast curing Polyurea resins which are available in grades that are designed to be suitable for application onto concrete, cement mortar, wood and substrates steel. Additionally there are even grades available for use directly on top of the notoriously difficult bituminous asphalt or blacktop surfaces. All of these NCC Streetscape resin bonded surfacing systems are solvent-free and therefore they can be used safely and securely both internally and externally for installations where they can required to provide an extremely wide range of finishes for all types of areas and individual surfacing design requirements.

For more information on Resin Bonded Surfacing for your specific project, please call David or Gary on 01257 966 696 for FREE expert advice and assistance.
For FREE Expert Advice and Technical Assistance Call David or Gary on 01257 266696

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