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Key Criteria for Paving Jointing Mortars / Paving Grouts

The Key Criteria for the selection of the right Paving Jointing Mortar / Paving Grout for commercial or domestic project should be defined and detailed / specified as soon as possible in order to avoid future problems, either during the application (e.g. with delays due to wet weather) or disappointment in performance and durability (e.g. with damage from cement cracking , frost, burrowing insects or weed growth etc.).

The most appropriate Paving Jointing Mortar or Paving Pointing or Paving Grout, as they are also sometimes known, should therefore always be selected according to:

Type of Paved Area : - i.e. Patios & Paved Pathways, Paved Driveways & Car or Truck Parking Areas, Paving around Commercial Developments, Town Centre Pavements & Street / Highway Paving works, Heritage & Historic Paving Areas .

Paved Area’s Traffic Exposure :- i.e. Pedestrian, Light
Vehicular, Frequent Vehicular or subject to Heavy Goods Vehicles & Commercial Traffic.

Paving Jointing Products
Paved Area's Environmental Exposure :- i.e Cleaning with Mechanical Street Cleaning machines, high pressure water jetting, the use of
de-icing salts, boring insect and weed growth prevention.

Application Conditions :- i.e Weather conditions (wet or dry?), residual moisture conditions (possibility of water in the joints?), temperature and variations (high or low?), Method of Application (trowel or slurry?), dust and dusting restrictions, waste run-off restrictions (preventing entry to drainage system etc.)

Size and Type of Paving :- i.e Small Format Paving, which is regarded as joint dependent Such as stone setts, cobbles and blocks; or Large Format Paving, which is regarded as bedding dependent Such as stone slabs and flags, plus the units surface profile and ease of cleaning and any sensitivity to grout staining.

Specific Joint Dimensions :- i.e. the Joint Depth and also very importantly the Joint Width, together with the variation of these across the paved area (e.g. some materials require a minimum joint width of 5 or 10mm, whereas others can be used for tight joints from only 3mm wide – i.e. vdw 815).

Any other relevant local requirements i.e. Closure time available and the finished mortar permeability (normally assessed in terms of litres per square metre per hour - l/m2/hr), or as required for local SUDS regulations on driveways or street-works etc. The Jointing material colour matching / contrast and consistency required etc.

Paving Jointing Mortar / Paving Grout Selection Guide

Paving Jointing Requirements vdw Paving Jointing mortars
Exposure / Application 800 805 NEW
850 855
Traffic Exposure            
Pedestrians tickticktick tickticktick tickticktick ticktick tickticktick tickticktick
Light Vehicles tickticktick ticktick tickticktick   tickticktick tickticktick
Heavy Vehicles ticktick ticktick ticktick   ticktick tickticktick
Environment Exposure            
Full Mechanical Road Sweeper / Cleaner Resistance tickticktick ticktick ticktick   tickticktick tickticktick
Full De-icing Salt Resistance tickticktick tickticktick tickticktick   tickticktick tickticktick
No Weeds or Boring Insects tickticktick tickticktick tickticktick tick tickticktick tickticktick
Application Conditions            
Slurry Application by Squeegee tickticktick tickticktick tickticktick tickticktick tickticktick tickticktick
Self-Compacting Joints ticktick tickticktick tickticktick ticktick tickticktick tickticktick
Working in Wet Weather tickticktick tickticktick tickticktick ticktick tickticktick tickticktick
Working in Low Temperature (+3°C) tickticktick tickticktick tickticktick   tickticktick tickticktick
View and/or download Product Data Sheets
View Application Videos
We have produced this Selection Guide in the table below as a guide to the most suitable Pavement Jointing Products for your project.

For detailed information and consumption requirements on each of the individual products, please follow the links at the bottom of the table on the right to the individual GftK Paving Jointing Mortar Product Data Sheets, which are available to view or download in PDF format, as are the product Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). Also below this we have added some videos showing the appropriate mixing and installation method for some of the materials (vdw 800, vdw 815, vdw 840plus and vdw 850 as examples).

To review some ‘real life’ examples of Patio, Driveway, Streetworks, Commercial and Historic Pavement Jointing Case Studies around the UK, please follow this link to our Case Studies page, where you can view or download examples of recent paving jointing projects completed by our customers in PDF format. There are also videos of some of these projects that are also here on the on the Case Studies page to show the products before, during and after their installation on these ‘real-life’ projects.

NCC Streetscape provide full technical assistance and FREE on-site support is available, together with outstanding customer service, for all of our different types of customers and their professional advisors with our complete hard landscaping range of Paving Jointing Mortars , Paving Cleaners, Paving Sealers, Jointing Sand Stabilisers and Additional Specialist Chemical Products for Hard Landscaping works.

For more advice or assistance with your specific project including selecting the right jointing product, the estimated consumption, and the estimated time required for application, plus any other aspect of paving jointing, grouting, pointing or repointing, please call David or Gary on 01257 266696 for FREE Expert Advice.
For FREE Expert Advice and Technical Assistance Call David or Gary on 01257 266696

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