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Patio Repointing and other areas of Paving Repointing and Paving Refurbishment can often require special solutions to be successful and durable, so that it does not need to be redone again next year or even earlier. NCC Streetscape provide FREE Expert advice and can supply the best paving cleaning, paving joint repointing and paving sealing products to use. There are several different systems and solutions, dependent on the anticipated future loading and exposure, plus whether you need to refresh and refurbish domestic, commercial, highways or other public paved areas of hard landscaping including natural stone and concrete block surfaces.

Why is Repointing Required?

As mentioned above paving refurbishment and repointing can be required for all types of paved domestic patios, driveways, terraces and pathways; plus paved commercial entrance and parking areas to areas around retail developments, hotels, restaurants, marinas and other facilities, plus public footpaths, roads and highways, market squares and heavy vehicle hard standing areas. In small format paving this is usually due to the original or previous repointing being carried out with materials that were either not suitable for application in the conditions at the time (i.e. damp with residual water in the joints or being subject to rainfall or frost before hardening); or jointing products that cannot withstand the exposure in the area (i.e. freeze-thaw with de-icing salts, burrowing insects, pressure jet washing or mechanical road sweeping machines).

Paving Refurbishment
Patio Repointing Projects
Patio Repointing and Paving Refurbishment
Patio Repointing & Paving Refurbishment
Unlike paving joints pointed or repointed with GftK’s advanced vdw range of paving jointing mortars - Traditional lime or cement based paving jointing materials, even modern polymer modified ones, are unable to cope with these severe modern exposure requirements such as the frequent use of de-icing salts, high-pressure water jet cleaning and mechanical street cleaning machines, in addition of course to the increasingly frequent and increasingly heavy traffic from modern cars, vans and delivery trucks etc..

Patios and Paving with Failed Cement Joints - Before

Sandstone Setts with Failed Joints, Weeds and Dirt Pick up Sandstone Patio with Failed Joints and Green Growth Riven Sandstone Slabs with Failed Cement Jointing Stone Sett Pointing damaged by Freeze thaw and traffic

Joints Repaired with GftK’s vdw Mortars - After

Sandstone Setts Cleaned and Repointed with vdw 800 Sandstone Patio Cleaned and epointed with vdw800 Riven Sandstone Slabs Cleaned and Repointed with vdw800 Stone Setts Refurbished with GFtK's vdw 850

In refurbishment situations brought about by the inevitable breakdown and failure of cement based jointing mortars and air-drying polymer sand jointing mortars, Local Authorities in particular, together with their professional advisors are faced with some significant problems in order to replace the deteriorated and broken down paving jointing -There are:

• Different joint depths and varied joint shapes and widths – some very wide;
• Residual water in the joints;
• Only minimal closure periods possible, if any, due to modern access requirements due to financial commitments or emergency services vehicle access etc.;
• Vibration and abrasion from the frequency and imposed loads from the vehicular traffic;
• The solutions must resist aggressive mechanical street cleaning machines with high pressure water jetting and rotary brushes – and the use of de-icing salts in winter

There are also very often even more environmental demands in these paving refurbishment projects because the areas need to be in almost constant use i.e. in Market Squares, roads for Hospital, Church and retail or commercial building access and entrances etc. These include that:

• The paving joint mortars must be mixed and placed on-site without creating any dust to disrupt the occupants;
• The jointing mortars are moisture-tolerant during application and hardening;
• They are fast to apply and harden rapidly to allow fast reopening of the areas;
• They must be non-staining on the stone or block surfaces.

All-in-all a significant and demanding specification for the installation and performance in service of a paving jointing mortar, all of which can NOT satisfactorily be met by any type of cement based paving jointing materials or products.

GftK's vdw range of advanced polymer and epoxy bound sand based paving jointing mortars, includes solutions for all of these demands in all different types of natural stone and quality concrete block paving refurbishment (as well as for new build projects of course). Patio and other areas of Paving Repointing and Refurbishment is therefore far more demanding than most new build projects. To ensure that you make the right decision and select the optimum paving jointing solution for your project please refer to our Paving Joint Mortar page.

If you are uncertain how to proceed then for FREE Expert advice you can email us at technical@nccstreetscape.co.uk or you can call David or Gary on 01257 266696

A summary of the key areas and considerations for patio and paving refurbishment in terms of their initial 'Paving Cleaning', then the 'Paving Joint Mortars' and finally 'Paving Sealers' where appropriate. are all outlined below and there is more detail on the focussed pages of this website and on the products themselves in our Online Shop:"

Paving Cleaning

Paving Cleaning with Traffic Film Remover Water Jetting Off the O&G plus Green Growth Removers Brushing in WR Combi Cleaner Application of Oil and Grease Remover

Specialist chemical paving cleaning products are provided by NCC Streetscape for block paving cleaning and natural stone cleaning, in paved areas such as patios, driveways, commercial developments, town centres and all types of hard landscaping. These are available now to buy in our Online Shop.

These cleaners for natural stone and concrete block paving include algae and other green growth removing paving cleaners, dirt and grime removing cleaners, cement grout and cement mortar removing cleaners, plus oil and grease removing cleaners, in fact we have paving cleaners to remove most types of dirt and staining from most kinds of natural stone and concrete block paving and hard landscaping surfaces. For more information please see the ‘Paving Cleaning Product Selection Guide’ on the dedicated Paving Cleaning page of this website, or review the different types of paving cleaning products in the Paving Cleaners Section of our Online Shop.

Alternatively please email technical@nccstreetscape.co.uk or call David or Gary on 01257 266696 for specific advice and assistance on your paving cleaning requirements.

Paving Re-pointing Mortars

Brushing Off the vdw Paving Joint Repointing Mortar Slury Application of the vdw Paving Repointing Mortar Easy Squeegee Application of the vdw Paving Joint Repointing Stone Setts Refurbished with GFtK's vdw 850

NCC Streetscape have the ideal paving joint mortar available for paving repointing of every type of stone and paver, every type of area, traffic and exposure in both new and refurbishment paving works from the unique GftK vdw range of paving joint mortars.

For more information and a selection guide on the most suitable paving joint mortar for your project please visit the Paving Joint Mortar page of this website. You can also buy these products in our Online Shop.

There is a selection of recent UK Commercial Developments with Paving Jointing Projects that have been successfully completed on our Case Studies page where you can view or download them in PDF format. The pages also include several real project video Case Studies.

Alternatively please email technical@nccstreetscape.co.uk or call David or Gary on 01257 266696 for specific advice and assistance on your patio or any other paving jointing requirements.

Paving Sealers

Application of K Seal Sealer on Sandstone Flags Application of Penetrating Sealer and Colour Enhancer vdw 950 Treated Paving Surface Repelling Water vdw 950 Treated Paving Surface Resisting Wine Staining

Block Paving Sealers and Natural Stone Sealers are another major subject in themselves – NCC Streetscape can help you make the right product selection for your project – For more detailed information please refer to the Paving Sealers page of this website. You can also get detailed Paving Sealer Product information in our Online Shop.

Alternatively please email technical@nccstreetscape.co.uk or call David or Gary on 01257 266696 for specific advice and assistance on your paving sealing requirements.

Overall Patio and Paving Refurbishment

In summary for Patios and all other areas of domestic and commercial or public Paving Refurbishment, NCC Streetscape provides a comprehensive range of Paving Cleaners for removing cement staining, efflorescence or oil spillages etc. NCC Streetscape are the UK and ROI Distributors of the unique GftK vdw ‘state-of-the-Art’ range of Paving Joint Mortars. NCC supply Paving Sealers when required to protect against freeze / thaw attack or future spillages of oils or other staining materials, or Jointing Sand Stabilisers NCC Streetscape also has many other useful Additional Paving Products including specialist waterproofing systems, structural adhesives and epoxy resins etc., which we have also selected as being ideal for use in external hard landscaping works.

To review some examples of specific Paving Repointing and Refurbishment Case Studies follow this link to our case studies pages where you can view and download examples of recent patio and other paving refurbishment projects completed by our professional customers in PDF format. On this page there are also some videos of some recent Paving Refurbishment projects taken before, during and after the installation of the GftK Paving Jointing Mortar.

Plus you can always call David or Gary in our offices on 01257 266696 for specific advice and assistance on your patio refurbishment or paving refurbishment project - Whatever your requirements, domestic or commercial, we are confident that we will be able to help you save time and money in achieving a cost effective and durable solution to any paving refurbishment problems. Our expert advice is always FREE.
For FREE Expert Advice and Technical Assistance Call David or Gary on 01257 266696

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