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Chemical Building Products for Paving and Hard Landscaping

Paving and Hard Landscaping works frequently require additional specialist construction and chemical products including non-bitumen waterproofing materials such as sheet waterproofing membranes or liquid applied waterproofing based on polymer modified cement or resins, plus high strength adhesives, water and damp tolerant adhesives, high strength bedding mortars, plus epoxy or cement based grouts and resin anchors or fixings for concrete, stone and steel landscaping components, other structural elements or paving edgings, plus many other problem solutions.

Additionally protective waterproof linings and coatings are required to keep water ‘in or out’ of different structures, or out of specific areas such as the electrical switchgear or control areas for fountains and water features or alternatively to contain aggressive chemicals or waste water in bunds etc.

There is also a need for fast-setting epoxy resins, polyurethane resins, chemical anchors, concrete repair & protection, stone restoration and all types of elastic joint sealants that are proven to be safe and reliable for use externally and in all of the different climatic conditions experienced by our professional civil engineering or landscaping contractors.

Additional Paving &
Landscaping Products
NCC Streetscape was formed as the hard landscaping of NCC specialist Materials Consultants and Distributors – So our experts have more than 120 years of experience in the UK and around the world with specialist chemical products. We provide technical advice and practical guidance to our Clients, their Architects, Engineers and Contractors – in the design office and on-site.

NCC Streetscape only recommends the best and most suitable ancillary landscaping materials, sourced from the leading UK and International specialist construction chemical manufacturers to support your paving and hard landscaping business needs.

Call David or Gary on 01257 966 696 for FREE expert advice and assistance – We are confident that we can help you to solve problems and save time and money on every single job!

NCC Streetscape stock and supply products from the following leading manufacturers:

Sika Landscaping Products
FOSROC Landscaping Products
Kingfisher Landscaping Products
Remmers Landscaping Products
GftK Landscaping Products
Ronacrete Landscaping Products
BASF Landscaping Products
DCP Landscaping Products
TREMCO Landscaping Products
For FREE Expert Advice and Technical Assistance Call David or Gary on 01257 266696

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